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There was a recent article by TechCrunch that discussed the statistics regarding searches as it pertained to different operating systems.

Of note, iOS and Macs account for a much higher percentage of searches than other platforms.

The percentages are actually significant, as Mac users search 48% of the time, whereas Windows users search only 32% of the time. Linux is an astonishingly low 14%.

On mobile platforms, the statistics are less dramatic, but just as interesting with iOS (iPhone) with 54% searches, and Android with 43% searches.

The article extrapolated the reason was business users versus consumer users, and while this certainly has an impact as to the reason, I don’t think it answers it in entirety.

Having worked with many clients over the years, it has been my experience that oftentimes less tech savvy users will “search” for a website, instead of entering the URL (website address) into the address bar. In fact, many of my less tech savvy clients and friends weren’t even aware of the address bar’s existence.

This would indicate that Windows users are more tech savvy than Mac users, with Linux users being bar far the most savvy.

Well, duh! Mac has for years pushed the simplicity of their platform (justifiably), whereas Linux is traditionally used by only the most hard-core techies. This all makes sense.

Further, while we really like the Android platform for phones at Flying Chimp for its customization features (among others), it is more difficult to use and setup than an iPhone. So this also makes sense. (For the record, I own an iPhone and an iPad.)

It is important to point out that less tech savvy means only that. Many of my least tech savvy clients and friends are also among my most intelligent. I love my Mac using friends and clients!

Stay tuned for a future article about what the statistics mean for Mobile Searches

The original TechCrunch article can be found here: http://techcrunch.com/2012/04/25/apples-ios-and-mac-platforms-drive-the-most-search-requests-linux-the-least/

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