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In a prior blog, I spoke about the statistics of searches on different operating systems.

One thing that the article does not go into is the statistical importance of why the mobile searches are so high, and what a smart marketer can do with that information.

It seems clear that the reason mobile searches are much more common are that people are not “surfing” on their mobile devices, but rather they are trying to find information. This makes sense given the smaller screen size makes it less enjoyable for casual browsing.

So, armed with this information, what should we do about it?

First of all, you should already be ensuring that your site is functional on a mobile platform, and this means no flash!

Second, since the most common element people are searching for is contact information, this information needs to be very easy to access, preferably a phone number along the top.

Finally, if your business is one where it may be common to search for on-the-go (such as a restaurant), you should start considering a mobile optimized site.

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