Does your business have an identity? Branding is the visual and conceptual component of your business where it defines that identity that can be so critical.

We work with our clients on developing that identity. From your name to what you want your customers or clients to associate you as, we explore all aspects to ensure your image is portraying exactly what it needs to to maximize its success.

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Logo Design

The face of your brand, a spectacular logo helps define who you are. Think of the famous logos and how they invoke a certain reaction. Nike's Swoosh or McDonalds Golden Arches convey a very clear message to the public.

Flying Chimp can help define your brand with a logo or "look and feel" that wows.

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Creative Consulting

Oftentimes, clients want to use our expansive creative juices in more conceptual ways. Discussing ideas of how your business can grow with unique and clever methods.

This might take on the role of a new name to define the business, or a completely new way of meeting prospective referral sources, we can help you brainstorm about your business and develop the strategies to expand.

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