enough about us. let's hear about you. what do you think about us?

More than just award-winning websites and amazing graphic design, Flying Chimp Media learns about you, your business and your clients to develop customized marketing solutions that help you make more money.

What separates us from other similar firms is our understanding of business. We recognize that what we do needs to have intrinsic value to your business that will ultimately improve your bottom line. We focus on creative ideas with sound business concepts, to provide our clients with new and clever ways to generate more business and make more money.

When working with a new client the first thing we do is listen. We find out what you are looking for, and then we offer suggestions on how to make your ideas even more successful.

Of course, we are also amazingly good at the more “technical skills” such as graphic design and web programming!

To learn more how we can use our creative talents to help your business, call us today at 954-634-CHIMP (2446) today.

about our name

One of the most common questions we get is, "How did you come up with your name?"

In this (or any) business, branding and name recognition is very important. While names like "Global Media Development Solutions" and "Digital Ventures Group" are very official sounding, they are also very generic and easy to forget.

Flying Chimp, and our website www.flyingchimp.com, are not only easy to remember, they are hard to forget.

Plus, chimps are cool.